Orlando and the Orange County Convention Center

The Orlando Convention Center (properly known as the Orange County Convention Center) is one of the largest convention centers in the world. Many people coming for a convention often wish to stay in a convention type hotel, as some attendees want to be close to the action with all the other attendees.

However, for those attendees wishing for more space perhaps wanting some more family privacy, a vacation home near the Orlando Convention center. In Orlando, renting a vacation home/house typically means being located further away from the convention center towards Disney. However, Vista Cay is a townhome and condominium community located very close to the Orange County Convention Center and does allow for privacy. Vista Cay is certainly a great option if you want a condo near the Orange County Convention Center.

Our resort review indicates that Vista Cay is one of the few villa communities located in Orlando. It is a 4 Star community also located close to the Shingle Creek Golf Course and within minutes of the Orlando and Orange County Convention Center.

Is Vista Cay Walking Distance e to the Convention Center? 

Vista Cay is not really within walking distance from the convention center particularly if you are in business attire. You will need to rent a cab or possibly some conventions may have some type of shuttle bus to pick you up (you should check first).

The Orange County Convention Center Boasts:

  • 2.1 million square foot of exhibition space
  • Two 92,000 square foot assembly arenas
  • Parking for 6,227 cars


For the larger shows, the convention hotels can fill up quickly and rental rates are top dollar, so opting for a larger vacation home could make more sense. The Isles at Cay Commons is another option which is located next door to Vista Cay. Check out the Orange County Convention Center location on our interactive local map below. Vista Cay would be a great resort accommodation for any traveller looking to stay near the Convention Center.


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