If you are not from Orlando / Central Florida, finding a vacation rental that meets your needs can be difficult. We review all the Orlando vacation homes by location including four main areas:

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Orlando Vacation Homes 360

  1. Orlando. There is actually only one large true short term rental community in Orlando which is Vista Cay / the Isles of Cay Commons at Vista Cay next to the Orange County Convention Center. This community is the most convenient to Sea World and Universal Studios.
  2. Clermont. When choosing a vacation home in Clermont, look for those homes in the southern area of Clermont and on the west side of Disney to be close to the theme parks
  3. Davenport. Davenport is located southwest of Disney and provides a wide range of vacation homes from economical to luxurious. If you want to be closer to the Disney parks, there are numerous vacation home communities along the Highway 27 corridor.
  4. Kissimmee. Kissimmee is split largely into three sections 192 west which offers vacation homes closest to Disney, 192 East which offers a more eclectic and affordable range of vacation home communities mixed with local residents and south / Kissimmee / Poinciana. Although these communities are generally further fom the theme parks, they tend to be more affordable. The West side of 192 offers some of the most prestigious vacation home communities and is generally the closest area to Disney. So when you hear the term Orlando Vacation Homes, people are often talking about homes on West HWY 192, southern Clermont or north Davenport.