Legoland® Fl is fast becoming a popular destination for families and kids in Central Florida. We wanted to stop by and snap a few Legoland pics and get a  flavor of what everyone is talking about. Coasters, attractions and water shows on Lake Eloise combine for a unique experience at Legoland Florida.

We were surprised at how many coasters and rides there were in the Legoland Park. Besides the Legoland cities and attractions, the rides included Coastersaurus, Flying School, Lego® Technic™ and The Dragon. Each of these themed rides were age appropriate and the kids had a great time.

lego land florida

Legoland Florida

The next main attraction were of course the Lego® structures in the middle of the park that overlooked the beautiful Lake Eloise. This are is called Miniland. Some of the creative mini Legoland® themed areas include Miami Beach, the Las Vegas Strip, The First Family at the White House, US Capitol Rotunda and Grounds in Washington DC, the Golden Gate Bridge, Daytona 500 Speedway, Kennedy Space Center and New York City. Our Legoland photos of the White House and Miami Beach capture just a few of these scenes.

Our boys enjoyed the Lego® Kingdoms portion of the park which is envisioned as a Medieval castle replica and local town square. Knightly shields and replica swords make this area the “Retailing Renaissance” of the park.

Legoland photos

Legoland Florida - White House Scene

Another favorite of the kids was the Pirates’ Cove water show on the Lake Eloise pavilion. The Blackbeard’s Bounty Water Ski Show was a big hit and was reminiscent of the original Cypress Gardens show. A fabulous manmade waterfall leads you into the picturesque part of the park along with a 75 year old Indian Banyan tree nearby.

Adults in our party enjoyed the Cypress Gardens botanical areas in the 150 acre park. Legoland did a great job preserving the native plans and vegetation throughout the park. The shady oaks and sitting benches provide a nice respite while the kids are awed by the Lego structures around the park.

Food and beverage offerings are ample around the park. Whether you are looking for a hamburger, grab n’ go sandwiches, pizza or other casual dining options, each of the 10 dining outlets should provide good quality food. Our family’s personal favorite was in fact the park’s signature culinary item, Granny Smith apple fries. These were originated in the Legoland California park, but nonetheless they were excellent and unique.

Legoland Orlando

Legoland Florida -- Miami Beach Scene

Other notable areas of Legoland in Florida include the Duplo® Village and factory as you enter the park,  plus Lego® City, Imagination Zone , and Rescue Academy on the west, side of the park. Our smaller ones also enjoyed Lost Kindgom Adventure, a low risk ride through the park, Fun Town Theater and Fun Town itself with more replica scenes from American life. All  of these images of Legoland should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Be sure to check the Legoland Florida hours before you go. The park is typically open from 10 am to 5 pm and is closed a few Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the month.

Vacation homes near Legoland Florida are within 35-45 minutes of the park. Since Legoland Fl is well south of Kissimmee and Davenport, one will want to book something in the southern quadrant of these cities if the family wants to spend extended time at Lego Land. Consult our individual resort reviews and profiles for this locational information.

Have a great time in Central Florida! We hope you enjoy our photos of Legoland Fl and our review of the Legoland Florida attraction. Also a quick reminder that the Legoland water park will open in May in time for the summer.


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