There are some personal decisions to review before one books an Orlando rental home. The good news is that having these answers in mind will help you make an Orlando reservation decision that best meets your personal needs. The following is a short list of some considerations – in no particular order:

1. Would you and your family rather stay in a traditional single family home or do you find a condo or townhome (with the key being that many units are attached physically) acceptable? A traditional single family home tends to add privacy to one’s stay. Key: Many resorts have mixed accommodation types. Make sure you verify your physical home accommodations at the time of booking.

2. How far is personally acceptable for your daily drive to the theme parks? Keep in mind that a distance of 2-3 miles can add 15 minutes +/- depending on traffic to the drive each day. Key: Review our vacation community profiles for estimated distances and use Google maps as a tool.

3. Will the community meet your expectations? Key: We suggest you use vacation home ratings and review sites to complement some of the posted consumer reviews.

4. What type of rental home amenities should I request? Key: Only you and your family can answer this question. Keep in mind that there are applicable amenities for the interior of your vacation rental as well as amenities in the common areas of the community. Individual vacation rental amenities could include wireless internet, gameroom, number and size of televisions, pool and kitchen appliances. Common area amenity considerations include, but are not limited to fitness room, concierge, community pool and/or spa, and playground.

5. What size of accommodations should I book? Key: Again, only you and your family can answer this question. However, one critical item you need to think about is privacy in your home, especially with bathrooms. Most vacation house reservations are made with family members, so intimacy is not an issue. However, in some cases for groups, privacy is a major issue. Make sure you clearly understand how many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed.

6. Is it best to rent directly from an owner or from a professional management company? Key: There are great owners out there, but the best management companies in the area can offer a full-time service staff 24hrs a day to support your stay.

Each of these important details are a part of planning a vacation that meets your needs and expectations. As stated before, we are confident that Orlando rental homes can meet your needs in ways many hotels cannot, and it always pays to do a little research first.

Orlando Rental Homes

Orlando Rental Homes

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