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If you’re like many who are anxiously awaiting some Orlando theme park reopening news. This is from major resorts during these crazy times amidst the coronavirus pandemic, then you’re in luck … kind of.

As of Memorial Day, it appears that the only “sure thing” to be opening soon is Universal Orlando. The park is now set to reopen its gates to the public on June 5th. It’s reported that the park will limit the number of guests allowed to enter. The resort will also monitor capacity in order to adhere to ample social distancing guidelines. Guests must also have their temperature taken prior to entry and will be required to wear masks. Numerous touchless hand sanitation stations are already in place.

Disney to Reopen?

Disney Opening News COVID 19 In Orlando

The news regarding Universal obviously left much thinking “What about Disney?” Walt Disney World had plenty of new park activities planned for 2020.

Apparently, at the heart of the delay for Walt Disney World is the ability to reopen its theme parks due to proximity. This is due to the fact that it occupies two different municipalities, Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, as well as Orange County.

Florida Opening News

On May 21, Florida’s major resorts were required to submit their plans for the Orlando theme park reopening to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force. Many believe those plans include reopening the parks in phases, with Phase 1 being at 50% capacity and Phase 2 at 75%, before proceding to full capacity.

In turn, those plans will be forwarded to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for final approval.

However, the resorts must first receive approval for their Orlando theme park reopening plans. These approvals are from local jurisdictions before they can be submitted to the state. Thus, Disney World must first go through an approval process from both Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake. Universal Studios on the other hand was able to fast-track its approval through both Orange County and the state.

Whenever you’re dealing with any form of government, the timeframe can certainly be an issue. They want to open back up like everyone else, but they want it done safely.

Has the Governor Allowed Theme Parks to Open in Orlando?

According to Governor DeSantis, “They have to provide how they’re going to do it, how they’re going to accommodate the guests, how they’re going to protect the staff. My goal in all this is let’s keep safety first, but let’s work and innovate to get to ‘yes’ on this stuff.”

OVH 360’s recommendation is not to let the uncertainty of the Disney park reopening to determine your summer travel plans. Perhaps you’ve already been to Disney? Now would be the perfect time for your family to visit Universal! Or better yet, bring your golf clubs and tennis racquets and enjoy a “not so rushed” vacation.

What Else is There to Do in Orlando Other Than Theme Parks?

There’s still plenty to do in Orlando even during these challenging times! There’s biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, or take a sight seeing trip to the Florida Everglades. You can also take a day trip to Tampa Bay or Cocoa Beach to lay out and play for the day. You may even get to see a rocket launch at nearby Cape Canaveral!

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