Vista Cay Useful Tip Information Guide

About Your Home:

-Is the community gated?

Yes, Vista Cay is gated and we will provide you with a gate access code as well as a check-in and check out guide before arrival.

-Are linens and sheets provided?

Yes, all you will need to get started are your clothes and a toothbrush. Extra towels and sheets are in the bedroom closets and above the washer and dryer.

-Is there a washer and dryer in the home?

Yes. Please do not overload the washer and make sure to empty out the lint trap each time you use the dryer.

-Is the kitchen fully equipped?

Yes, everything a typical kitchen has will be in your home. We provide kitchen starter basics to get you started (kitchen towel/garbage bag, washing items), but you should buy more as needed.

-Pest Control

Florida is notorious for bugs. Please make sure all food is sealed in the unit at all times. Open food will attract sugar ants, which although are no big deal are a little tricky to deal with and take approximately three days to eradicate.

-Are there elevators?

Yes, each building has two elevators in the middle of the building.

-Is my home air-conditioned?

Yes, all homes have A/C. Please do not lower the A/C below 72 degrees as the will freeze the system and cause it to break. Please, keep all doors and windows should be closed at all times to prevent humidity from damaging the inside of the home and straining the A/C system.

-What supplies are in my home?

We provide just a starter kit of supplies to get you started. As you need more items, it is your responsibility to buy them from the store. There is one kitchen towel, one roll of toilet paper per bathroom, a garbage bag, dish detergent and dishwasher pad, dish machine soap pod, a small pack of washing detergent, and starter soaps.

We often get asked if there are salt and pepper in the home which we do not – the reason being for health and safety. We do provide some bagged coffee, tea with a coffee maker, and a kettle.

-How many people can my unit sleep?

A three-bedroom home in Vista Cay can sleep up to six people.

-Cribs / Rollaway Beds & Pack N Plays.

If you need a crib or rollaway, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Currently, Cribs are $65 per week, High Chairs $45 per week, Rollaway Beds $75 per week, Pack and Play $45 per week.

-Is there Wifi in the home

Yes, all our homes are equipped with free WiFi. The code is inside the service book, typically on the coffee table.

-Is there a hairdryer?

There should be a hairdryer in the master bath under the sink. If there is not, just let us know and we will have one delivered.

-Is there security on site?

Yes, there is security on site. If you need to contact them during your stay call 1-407-996-4647 and follow the prompts to speak to the front desk or stop by the main clubhouse (details below).


If you have a maintenance request, just call our office at 407-966-4144. We have staff on-site all day, every day, so most items can be resolved in a snap.


Did our housekeeper miss something? Need some extras – towels – just let us know. We have staff on-site all day, every day, so most items can be resolved in a snap.

-Early Check-Ins and Late Checkouts

Generally, these are not available as housekeeping schedules are set in advance and the codes to your home are programmed at certain times.

-What do I do with my garbage?

Garbage goes in the plastic seat/bench in front of your home. It is picked up daily. If it is not picked, please call the Vista Cay HOA on-site management office at 407-313-4460. Please do not put loose garbage in the garbage cans (it must be bagged and sealed or they will not pick it up). All garbage should be in bags and tied off / sealed to prevent the attraction of sugar ants.

Clubhouse Information

1. Where is the main clubhouse & how do I get there?

The main clubhouse is located at 4874 Cayview Ave. Orlando FL 32819  click the link and you can enter your property address for a map of how to get there.

If you are coming from the main road (Universal Blvd.) just look for the Walgreens on the corner and turn in. At the end of the street is the clubhouse.

2. Where are the pools?

There is a kiddie pool and main pool at the clubhouse. If you are staying at the section behind Publix (Referred to as Vista Cay Commons on Breakview) there is another pool you can also use. Guests at Vista Cay can use either facility free of charge

3. Tiki Bar at the Pool / Clubhouse

The main clubhouse pool has a tiki bar in the evenings where you can buy beverages and sit by the pool

4. Where is the fitness center, gift shop & business center?

All are in the main clubhouse

5. Where do I Park?

You can park for free at the clubhouse and in front of your unit

You do not need to check-in at the clubhouse. You will drive directly to your home or go straight to the pool

6. Where can I buy theme park tickets?

You can buy theme park tickets in the main clubhouse but we recommend buying them in advance here at the OFFICIAL TICKET CENTER just click the link no promo code needed.

Always get your tickets in advance of going to the parks as it will save you time by skipping the long lines which are especially important during peak travel times.

Vista Cay Location Information

What is the closest beach to Vista Cay / Orlando?

The closest beach is Coco Beach see directions CLICK HERE. It is a straight shot down the express road and takes about 65 minutes by car

How do I get to the airport from Vista Cay?

Vista Cay is very convenient to Orlando International Airport (also called MCO). CLICK HERE for directions. Again, it is a straight shot down the express road and takes approx. 15 minutes (depending on traffic). Please allow plenty of time for rental car pick and drop off. For departing flights you should get there at least 2 hours in advance as the security lines alone can be one hour long and International flights should allow three hours.

UBER is currently not allowed to pick-up at the airport so just use a cab at baggage claim. You can have UBER drop you off on your return.

Convention Center Next To Vista Cay

How do I get to the convention center from Vista Cay?

The best way to get to the convention center is Via Cab or UBER. If you need to drive you will have to pay the parking fee. For a map to the first section on the convention center CLICK HERE

Can I walk to the convention center?

You can walk to the convention center, but this is NOT recommended (especially given the heat and humidity in Florida). The closest part of the convention center is about 1 mile away, but depending on what part of the convention center it could be 2.5 miles (yes – the convention center is that big). Please be sure to find out what section of the convention center you need to be in.

Is there a shuttle to the Convention Center?

Some conventions put on shuttles to Vista Cay, but most do not so please check with your convention association for times and pick up location.

Restaurants Near Vista Cay

There are several inexpensive restaurants in the Publix strip mall in front of the complex.

If you want to venture out into serious restaurant territory go onto I Drive. See the I Drive Restaurant guide CLICK HERE Don’t want to drive call a cab or UBER.

Vista Cay Information Guide

Vista Cay Information Guide

Pizza – Order NYPD  (Which is in the Publix Shopping Center in front of Vista Cay) Never order from a pizza flyer left in your door

Publix – Large grocery store with pretty much everything you would need as well as general items for your home/vacation it is located at:

9930 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA   T 407-996-8400  (Click for map)

Walgreens – This is a large well-stocked pharmacy located on the corner of Universal Blvd and Lake Cay Place at the main entrance to Vista Cay Clubhouse located at:

9650 Universal Blvd #133, Orlando, FL 32819, USA    T 407-956-8453 (Click for map)

Theme Parks / Area Attractions

Disney – CLICK for driving directions to Disney. Your best bet is driving as it gives you full flexibility in arriving and departing. Parking fees are approx. $20 per day.

Seaworld – Vista Cay is the closest vacation rental community to Seaworld Orlando. CLICK HERE for directions. Consider a cab or for full flexibility, you can drive and pay the parking fee which is Approx $20 / Day

Universal Studios – Vista Cay is the closest vacation rental community (approx. 10 min drive) to Universal Orlando. CLICK HERE for directions Your best bet is driving as it gives you full flexibility in arriving and departing. Parking fees are approx. $20 per day.

Orlando Eye – Approx. 1.5 miles down universal Blvd the Orlando has plenty of restaurants and activities for all the family

Golf – There are literally hundreds of golf courses in Central Florida. Shingle Creek is literally across the street. See full list CLICK HERE

Other attractions:

Orlando is the World’s attraction capital CLICK HERE for a full list

Emergency Contacts

Should experience an emergency such as a power outage or lock-out feel free to call our office if you booked with us, where you will be instructed (if after hours) and where to call on our 24 hour emergency line.

If you have a medical emergency or dangerous situation such as medical, fire, theft etc. of any kind please CALL 911.  See the when to call 911 guide CLICK HERE

If you need to see a doctor for a non-emergency you can visit a local walk in clinic CLICK HERE for the nearest.

See a list of hospitals CLICK HERE

Hurricane & Tornado Information

Florida is notorious for hurricanes and tornados. Warnings will often pop up on your phone or on your TV. For tips on how to prepare for a hurricane CLICK HERE.

Tornados often come with little warning. For tornado, advice CLICK HERE

Always make sure you travel with travel insurance.

How do I check In?

Your Vista Cay home is ready at 4.00 PM. Early check-ins are generally not possible as the codes activate at 4.00 PM.

Please drive directly to the home. There is no need to stop at the office or clubhouse.

-Helpful tips for a great vacation home holiday:

All homes are supplied with bed linens and bath towels, dishcloths and kitchen towels, basic cookware, dinnerware, and small kitchen appliances; guests are supplied with 1 garbage liner per pail/can, 1 small bar of soap per bath, 1 dishwasher pellet, 1-roll of tissue paper per bath. As all rentals are self-catering, you will need to replenish these items as needed. Laundry soaps, washcloths, and cleaning supplies may be purchased in nearby grocery stores in normal and travel size packages, should you require them.

-Emergency Situations:

For all serious emergencies, please dial 9-1-1 from your villa or cell phone. An emergency operator will assist you. For items requiring urgent attention in your villa, No AC/ temperatures above 85 degrees, Flood, lock-out, no water, home not cleaned; please call our office. We have staff on-call to assist you with these issues. Please note: if your situation can wait until the following business day, please phone our office during the above business hours.

-Air Conditioning:

When air conditioning is in use, please ensure that all doors and windows are closed or the AC will not work properly; in most instances, the home will be equipped with a “kill switch” or governor that turns off the ac unit when windows and/or doors are left open. Thermostats are automated for this home and preset to between 74-76 degrees for your comfort. You will have the ability to adjust the cool temperature to 72 degrees and as high as 78 for your individual comfort.

NOTE: In Florida’s hottest months, when humidity is at its highest, AC units cannot operate at lower than 72 degrees without causing the unit to freeze up. To keep the inside temperature cool, please do your best to keep doors and windows closed to keep hot, humid air out.

Wireless Internet –

For codes see the Service Book In the living room

Your home has FREE wireless internet service. In most cases, you will be able to have connectivity for up to 5 wireless devices at one time.

Every effort is made to ensure that your Wi-Fi service is working properly, but should you have difficulty with these services, there are some common troubleshooting fixes that you can try to quickly recover service.

*Unplug the modem, router and phone (if internet run) from the wall outlet (NOT FROM THE BACK OF EQUIPMENT)

*Plugin the modem (typically the smaller device); let all lights go solid

*Then plug in the router (typically larger than modem device); let all lights go solid

*If internet phone, plug in the phone and wait for the display to be solid

*Your internet/phone should be working now; if not, please repeat and report to us.

-Smoke Detectors:

Batteries are changed annually but from time to time you could hear a beep every 30-60 seconds coming from one or more of them. Please notify our office at your earliest convenience, so we can have our maintenance staff to remedy the issue.

-Pest Control:

This is Florida and bugs are a natural part of our ecosystem. Your home has scheduled monthly pest control. Sugar ants are a common occurrence and nothing to be startled about. Please ensure all food is sealed and bagged, counters are free of food debris and garbage is placed in sealed garbage bags not left loose. If you notice any bugs please let us know and will send out pest control.

How Do I check out?

Our cleaners will be there at 10.00 AM on the day of check out. A late check out is generally not available as we often have guests checking-in that same afternoon and the cleaners already have their schedule.

How to Check Out

  1.    Please make sure the home is in the same condition as you found it.
  2.    Our housekeepers will clean the home upon checkout, but if you could help by leaving the home shipshape it is greatly appreciated.
  3.    Please lock all doors and windows.

4.    Leave the AC at 79 degrees and set to cool.

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