The Top 10 Places to Go for Christmas

Large double digit holiday bookings are reported for the top places to go to at Christmas. The Wall Street Journal reports that even with the boom in holiday travel across the United States, Orlando ranks very high on this list.

top ten places for christmas vacation

Orlando – Top Place for a Christmas Vacation

Orlando is a great place to go due to excellent weather and many area events. Central Florida is only surpassed by New York as the top travel destination for the holidays for domestic travelers. Additional Florida destination cities Miami and Fort Lauderdale are included in the Top 10, but are much further down the list.

The good news for Orlando Florida is the fact that  bookings are up 26% from 2011.

Other cities in the Top 10 include Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Honolulu and Cancun. Interestingly, Cancun has seen a large increase in travel volume for the holidays because the Mayan calendar ends on December 21st. To celebrate this occasion, special festivities are planned for the city.

The impact of this boom reinforces the need to book early for the holidays according to the WSJ. Last min travel deals are also harder to find, but they can be found if one does their research. Orlando has a plethora of great holiday events which places it in the sweet spot of Christmas domestic travel destinations. All Walt Disney and Universal parks have special celebrations for both Christmas and New Year’s.

New Homes Added to OVH 360 Rental Inventory

To meet this high Orlando holiday demand, additional vacation homes have been placed in the OVH 360 reservations system. This includes 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom vacation homes in Emerald Island, Windsor Hills and Westridge subdivisions (click for videos). Each of these rental homes were chosen for their excellent location,  4 star neighborhood and for the quality of each rental home. Amenities in each of these villas includes private pool and/or spa for the lucky rental guest.

Give the team at Orlando Vacation Homes 360 (OVH 360) a call at 407-966-4144 or 1-888-826-0551 with any holiday reservations questions. We welcome general questions about Orlando or advice for booking holiday accommodations.



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