Disney Star Wars Land

In what appears to be a natural fit for Walt Disney World®,  online rumors abound concerning the viability of the creation of a Disney Star Wars Land within the WDW Hollywood Studios theme park. However, the Disney Corporation has yet to acknowledge these Star Wars Land rumors.

These Star Wars Land rumors came to a head recently with a recent widely circulated story from the highly credible Theme Park Insider blog. The published snippet indicated that:

  • The Disney Star Wars Land attraction would be completed over a 5 year period commencing in 2018
  • Speculation on the physical location of the attraction focuses on the Muppet Theatre and Honey I Shrunk the Kids park areas.
  • The Cars land attraction now in California would also move to the Hollywood Studios Park

Disney Star Wars Land – Several Plausible Reasons

The Disney Star Wars Land concept may come to fruition for several reasons. First and foremost, Walt Disney already owns the Lucas Films and the Star Wars character rights. In an online piece earlier this year, BusinessWeek noted that acquisition of these Star Wars characters will ultimately lead to a wide reaching relationship including theme parks.

Second, the long awaited final trilogy movie will be released in 2015. The synergies created from promoting a blockbuster movie and unique timeless characters are endless. Look at the template created by Universal Studios and its enormous success with the Harry Potter franchise. All of the publicity could work together in a very positive way for many years to come.

Third, the Star Wars® franchise and fan base extends to all parts of the world. The concept of of Star Wars at Walt Disney World® really energizes even more families from around the globe coming to Orlando and Central Florida. It’s no secret that global Star Wars merchandising is a worldwide phenomenon.

Finally, we recently ran a piece on Disney earnings and where the next big thing might be for the company. In that blog piece, we concluded that Star Wars Land might be in the cards for the company. Click  for this recent blog post. You can also see on at least one conference call where Bog Iger referenced the Star Wars presence within Walt Disney World®. In other words, the Star Wars theme has already proven itself to be quite a draw in the Disney Parks and during the Star Wars® weekends.

Although these Disney Star Wars Land rumors have proven to be unsubstantiated at this time, one thing for certain is that guests in Orlando vacation homes are quite a happy bunch.

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