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While we highly recommend a trip to Orlando’s famous LEGOLAND® theme park (especially if you’ve got little ones!), there’s also an Aquapark nearby inspired by LEGO blocks that’s attracting water enthusiasts of all ages!

The Legoland Aquapark features a series of huge interlocking inflatables that include slides, trampolines, balance beam, climbing tower, and even monkey bars!

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Legoland Aquapark

The inflatable attraction was added this spring at the Orlando Watersports Complex which is located on a 60-acre lake at 8615 Florida Rock Road. The watersports complex is a hugely popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. In addition to the Aquapark, the complex features a “cable park” that’s specifically designed to help teach beginning skiers and wakeboarders. There’s also paddleboard lessons available!

Ski or Wakeboard at Legoland

The Legoland Aquapark 2-tower cable system features a “Get-Up-Guarantee,” so if you’ve been wanting to learn how to ski or wakeboard, this is your chance! And for those that are advanced beyond the cables, there’s also “boat lessons” available to hone your skills behind a Super Air Natique G23 or Ski Nautique 200! Now that would be a ride!

If you think it’s too late to enjoy the “OWC” this year, think again! It’s nearly always summer in Orlando! The Orlando Watersports Complex is open year round except on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day!
Summer hours at the OWC are observed from March-October, while winter hours are observed from November-February.

September Legoland Aquapark

In September, the Aquapark area is open on “weekends only” from 10:00 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. It is open daily with the same hours from June-August, so if you can’t make it this year, keep it in mind for your vacation planning next year!

For a complete detail of hours and directions visit: http://www.aktionparks.com/orlando-watersports-complex/owc-hours-and-directions/

Age and Size Requirements to Legoland Aquaparks

The minimum age to participate at the park is 6 years old. There is also a minimum height requirement of 3’7”. While there are US Coast Guard approved life jackets required and provided at the park, you must also be able to swim!

Waivers are required of everyone and can be completed online in advance to save time. Reservations are highly recommended.
The OWC is also an excellent choice for birthday parties and corporate events!

Sessions and pricing info for the OWC can be found at: http://www.aktionparks.com/orlando-watersports-complex/
Information and pics of the Aquapark can be viewed at: http://www.aktionparks.com/orlando-watersports-complex/owc-aquapark/.

Also, check out this family’s “day at the park” video taken this July to get an idea of how much fun it is!

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