Orlando vacations are taking on an increasingly international flavor. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel hinted at the future of Univeral Studios including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction and Orlando’s dependence on international travel. This is a trend we have blogged about in the past which is evident for all area parks along with the addition of new direct international air service flights to Orlando.

Orlando vacations, including the area home rental market, are dependent on international travel more than ever. Overseas visitation to Orlando dropped 1% in 2009 according to the Department of Commerce. However, as a whole Florida managed to increase the number of overseas arrivals to the state during that same period and move into the second spot behind New York.

Very recent year-over-year trends have been positive for the trajectory of international travel as reported by the Department of Commerce. The latest statistical travel trends indicate a 8-10% increase year-over-year from many major global destinations. This positive growth should begin to lift the park and other area attractions into positive territory after attendance peaked for many busineses several years ago.

Fresh new worries about the European economy do cloud projections. Public debt in countries such as Iceland, Spain, Ireland and Greece have dominated the news lately. However, star markets for Orlando travel such as Brazil and Canada promise to transform the global environment for international tourism. Local retail and service businesses who successfully market to these growing niche markets will stand to gain significantly.

The good news for the Orlando vacation rentals market is that these potential guests are often already aware of the benefits of staying in a villa-style unit. Self-catering kitchens, privacy, large living and dining spaces and convenient locations to area theme parks are all great reasons that international guests love Orlando vacation rentals. Luxurious resort communities such as Bella Vida, Emerald Island, Windsor Hills and Windsor Palms already covet a very global clientele.

Whether you are from Munich, Montreal or Minneapolis, Orlando vacation rentals are another great reason Central Florida is a world class destination. We strive to “internationalize” this blog site with the addition of critical posts in Spanish and other languages. You’ll notice that we have translated some vacation reviews such as Windsor Hills in Spanish. We openly welcome global guests to the area, and hope they enjoy the luxurious accommodations that vacation homes have to offer.

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