Branding The Vacation Rental Industry

We’ve all heard “the rich get richer,” a saying that can be applied to most every aspect of life. In this case, we’re talking about the “nationalization” of the vacation rental industry. Is that a good thing for you – the consumer? Simply put, we don’t think nationals make the grade, but you do have local options.

For example, recently this author was perusing an online edition of a Major US newspaper and stumbled upon an article about the various nuances one would find when looking for a “vacation home to rent” as opposed to staying in a hotel or condo for the family vacation. While it covered vacation rental basics, such as what to consider, price range, etc.,  one thing that really stuck out to me was the article only mentioned the national players in the vacation rental industry. Not one word about considering local vacation rental providers.

Orlando vacation home rentals

Orlando Vacation Home Rentals

If one wants to truly experience local culture and feel confident about booking a quality rental, your best bet as an Orlando vacation home rentals industry consumer is to book a locally and professionally managed vacation rental.

The Nationalization of the Vacation Rental Industry?

In the “nationalization” discussion of the vacation rental industry, we include websites that are simply an impersonal online directory or classified ad search, which offers no value-added information for the consumer whatsoever. In other words, anybody can pay a fee and get their home rental included there. Some “rental by owner” directories are fine or even good, but others caveat emptor, or “buyer beware” as it goes.

What sets locally professionally managed vacation rental management companies apart from the “nationals” is the area knowledge and personal service that local professional rental companies have to offer the consumer.

This author has also frequently noticed local rental management company omissions for top placement on search engines. Now I’m perfectly aware that not all companies can show up on the front page of a search engine, thus one of the main reasons this author felt compelled to write this article. Unfortunately, in the search engine world, there is certainly not a level playing field for locally managed rental companies against the national behemoths.

Consider a Local Professional When Booking Your Vacation Rental

Local professional websites also include valuable insider information such as reviews, multiple photos, virtual tours, amenities, pet-friendly or not, and its proximity to theme parks, recreation, shopping, and restaurants. Locally managed companies like Orlando Vacation Homes 360 also have the advantage of pre-screening their homes and condos for quality, location and amenities.

In fact, Orlando Vacation Homes 360 (OVH 360) only books hand selected Orlando vacation home rentals 424 E Central Blvd 137/ B, Orlando, FL 32801 and condos for its rental inventory. The company also offers a unique 100% service guarantee which beats any opportunity offered from the nationals.

Browse the OVH 360 inventory for various home sizes (in bedrooms) and in various neighborhood subdivisions that meet your needs. We only pick the best! Call us 407-966-4144.

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