Winter Weather in Orlando

When you talk about the weather anywhere, there’s one thing that always holds true … it’s all relative to where you’re from and the climate in which you’re accustomed to living. The winter weather in Orlando makes for another great reason to visit Central Florida.

This can certainly be said for tourists who make their annual migration from the frigid temperatures up North for the much warmer winter weather in Orlando. For instance, on the day this article was written in mid-January, the temperature in Orlando was hovering around 74 degrees, while residents in Kansas City faced below freezing temps and were bracing for an ice storm as they prepared to host the Steelers-Chiefs playoff football game. A glance at the radar showed ice and winter weather were the norm in fronts that stretched from north of Missouri all the way to the east coast.

Winter Weather in Orlando

Winter Weather in Orlando

Yes, we think it’s safe to say that local residents are often spoiled by the winter weather in Orlando. They have come to enjoy this time of year while much of the rest of the country is in a deep freeze dreaming of a way out.

Often that “way out” equates to a much needed vacation to Orlando in order to escape the frigid conditions they are battling. Even when the temps dip down into the 50’s in Central Florida, and the locals start grabbing their jackets, that can seem like a heat wave to someone who’s used to dealing with ice and shoveling snow on a daily basis … just to get out of their driveway. 

Winter Temperatures in Orlando

The winter months, say from January until mid-March, can also be a great time to visit Orlando for those wanting to avoid the huge crowds and long lines at the theme parks, and can often result in better travel and hotel deals. Those fortunate enough to have made this an annual destination trip often refer to it as a “window of opportunity” that falls directly in between the hustle and bustle of Disney’s holiday season, and the huge spring break crowds that hit from the last part of March thru April. Then of course, from May thru the end of summer, is considered peak tourist season as the kids are out of school and families cash in their vacation time.

Winter time in Orlando has also proven to hold strong for ecotourism, especially for those adventurists from up north who consider it a treat to be able to kayak, paddleboat, or even take an airboat ride … something they’d never be able to do back home during these months. With Central Florida’s abundance of lakes, rivers, and beaches nearby, this is vital to keep its tourism going year round. 

What is the Orlando Winter Temperature Range?

In case you’re wondering just exactly what Orlando temperatures range in the winter time, according to a post on, the average temperatures in January and February are in the low 60’s, with highs during the day in the low 70s, but can drop down to the mid-40’s at night. So it’s still best to bring a jacket or coat no matter where you’re from! In March, the warm up begins with temperatures averaging 78 degrees and dropping only to the mid-50’s in the evening. 

Remember, what may be considered “off season” for some, can just as easily be called “peak season” for others! Just depends on what part of the planet you’re from.

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