Are Vacation Rentals Cheaper Than Hotels?

In a brand new industry study, TripAdvisor® indicates that many vacation rental deals are at least 39% cheaper than hotels. This is significant research for any consumers looking at objective research from a trusted online booking company.

This may come as a big surprise to many travelers. However, this study comes with a few things we should point out:

  • The TripAdvisor research reviewed prices for a 2 bedroom rental vs. renting 2 hotel rooms in the same market
  • The study compared winter vacation rentals only from a time period of November 1, 2014 to December 21, 2014
  • The evaluation looked at pricing on 3 star hotels in various markets vs. vacation rentals in those same markets for a one week’s stay
  • The full study comprised of over 630,000 rentals in destinations across the world

In fact, in some head to head study comparisons, vacation rentals were as much as 57% cheaper than hotels.

As a follow up survey to determine the validity of vacation rental deals, we personally would like to see:

  • A larger subset evaluated perhaps up to as many as 6 bedroom vacation rentals. This would further indicate the superiority of  value vacation rental deals offer over hotels.
  • It would also be nice to see the study expanded in terms of time of year as well. We would expect to see many vacation rental deals in the spring and summer to be of great value as well for travelers.

The selected benchmark of 3 Stars for a hotel does seem appropriate to evaluate the validity of vacation rental deals. The author of this post did do a quick internet search and many of the 3 star hotels are “limited service” properties without on-site food and beverage or other valet services. This would seem like a fair comparison between the 2 accommodation types.

However, as we indicated in our blog post on the popularity of vacation rentals, rental choices now include services such as concierge and valet in many new rental communities. Instead of simply a 3 star comparison, one could take this study out to 3 1/2 stars or even 4 stars in terms of resort amenities and services where they exist.

For example, consider the fabulous service and amenities that come with such resort communities like Windsor Hills, Windsor Palms, Tuscan Hills and Vista Cay. Vacation rental deals in Orlando are there to be enjoyed if one knows where to look.

The bottom line is the fact that vacation rentals do offer great value for travelers in many destinations across the globe. This TripAdvisor study  further validates the fact that vacation rental deals are there for consumers to consider.

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