Vacation Rental Industry News

The vacation rental industry continues to grow at a really fast pace. However, a recent vacation rental industry survey concludes that common some basic misunderstandings are hurting the industry.

The vacation rental industry survey was provided by Kelton Global a leading consumer branding consultancy. The research concluded that a handful of misconceptions are slowing market growth.

Vacation Rental Industry

Vacation Rental Industry

Kelton Global was recently named one of the American Marketing Association’s Top 50 market research firms. The company is headquartered in Culver City, California. Kelton has a high degree of credibility when it comes to delivering such an important research report for the vacation rental industry.


So what are the most common vacation rental misconceptions? The 5 most common misconceptions that are holding back the vacation rental industry include:

  • Lack of Full Service Resorts – Some consumers have the misconception that vacation rentals don’t provide the personal service of a hotel or resort. This is quite the contrary, and we previously blogged about the consumer perceptions of vacation rentals. Many Orlando vacation rentals have resort style amenities. Some of these resorts include Windsor Hills, Emerald Island and Paradise Palms.
  • Reserve Well In Advance – It is not required to reserve well in advance for most vacation rentals. Other than major holidays, one can often find top quality vacation rentals within weeks or days of a targeted vacation date.
  • Long Term Stays Only – Some vacation rental clients mistakenly assume that a long term vacation stay is required. It is certainly desirable to book vacation stays of 2 days or more, but long term stays are not required by most professional managers.
  • Lodging for Smaller Parties – Vacation rentals can be competitive even for parties of less than 4 persons. Although the economics of vacation rentals generally improve with party size, condo rentals are great for smaller groups.
  • Higher Price Rates – A final misconception relating to vacation rentals is that they are not as affordable as hotels. In a recent blog post, a major travel company concluded that vacation rentals are cheaper than hotels. In some cases, vacation rentals were as much as 57% cheaper than comparable hotels.

Booking a Vacation Home

We urge you to stay in a vacation rental if you are part of the community that has not stayed in one. The vacation rental industry is a growing lodging alternative in Central Florida.

Please call the friendly and knowledgeable OVH 360 service team at 1-888-826-0551 with any questions or simply book one of our vacation homes online.  OVH 360 hand picks all of the rentals in the company’s reservations portfolio. We hope to make your experience in a vacation rental a positive one!

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